Capacity Building Training (CBT)

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Capacity Building Training (CBT)

Register for Capacity Building Training courses to boost your career, improve your skills, job prospect or performance at work.

View our Capacity Building Training courses for 2020:

Learners during training in Sage Payroll
Learners during training in Sage Payroll
Learner receiving certificate 
Learner receiving certificate

To enrol on any of the courses available, please fill in the form below to request for an enrolment form.

When sending the completed form back to us, please provide any of the following proof of identity:

  • For UK Passport holder we need only passport number indicated in the space that says “Type of ID provided”.
  • Or for National of EU or EEA we will need a copy of the ID.
  • Or for Non-EU or EEA nationals we will need a copy of the ID.
  • Or for UK Driving License holder we will just need a copy of the front page of the license.


  1. We also need the learners signature on the last section of the Enrolment Form.
  2. A registration fee of £10.00 is payable per course.
  3. Learners can only register for maximum of 4 courses.

We look forward to receiving your completed enrolment form submitted before the enrolment end date on the courses you enrol for. The enrolment end date for each course can be found from the course links listed above.

If you have any queries or would like to have an enrolment form for any of the above courses please feel free to contact us:

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