About us

Action for Community Development was established as a response to the reports that people from the BAME (Black, African and Minority Ethnic) communities feel alienated from formal sources of advice, advocacy and training. AfCD is an initiative which provides important means  of raising the profile and influence of the Black Asian Minority Ethnic residents.

There remain challenges to improve engagement and increased social inclusion. National statistics suggest that issues of inequality persist between different communities in the British society.

Our role is to break down these barriers bringing about economic justice and equal opportunities for the benefit of the community. We manage a resource centre in South London which offers comprehensive services to the BAME communities in particular, in the form of advice, information, casework, advocacy, counselling and training.

Our dedicated team reach out to people who have migrated to the UK from countries and also work with those settled here on low income. We support the transition from dependency to productive sustainable living.

Our team is made up of people with vast experience who have an unparalleled passion and enthusiasm for their work. We work with existing partners to pool expertise and maximise resources available for beneficial links which support our clients towards their pathways to resettlement, main stream education and employment.