International Partnership Project (IPP)

Empowering People - Developing Communities

International Partnership Project (IPP)

To set up projects as well as collaborate with existing Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the developing world whose works are geared toward the development of civil society and the reduction of poverty.

We have offices in Sierra Leone and Nigeria and are sending partners to work with in other parts of the developing world.

AfCD is at the moment working in partnership with:

  • Foundation for Women and Children Empowerment INC
    A women and children-centred organisation established to provide lifesaving and empowerment programs for marginalised and vulnerable women and children in rural Liberia, West Africa.
  • Reach Unreach Worldwide
    A coalition of different NGOs with focus in East Africa, States of Burundi and Tanzania.
    Their vision is to reach, train, empower, mobilising, develop and help a Unreached Millions of Women Youth leaders, just to let them know better how to “Fight Against Ignorance, Diseases, Violence, Hunger and Poverty” which are surrounding many people communities in developing countries of East Africa.