IT Volunteering Opportunities

IT Volunteering Opportunities

We’re currently in the process of transforming many of our practices and virtualising many of our services. We’re looking for support in three major roles as part of this transformation:

  • IT (desktop/network support)
  • Distance learning specialist
  • Data analyst/data scientist

This work can be done remotely, for the most part, with the exception of the ongoing need to do ad hoc on-site IT support. As well as helping our community, this is an excellent opportunity to improve your CV if you’ve got downtime during the pandemic, as these are both greenfield projects, and also being led by an experienced transformation director from the commercial space.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the roles here, please get in touch to find out more.

IT (desktop/network support)

We are currently looking for mid-to-senior level IT support to provide guidance to our junior/in-house support people and to help us complete a number of small projects.

Project 1: NT/Windows domain & server
We have a donated Windows server that requires set-up, so that our small office team can benefit from its availability, primarily as a backup server. This will require helping us to evaluate our needs, ensuring the work will provide clear benefits, and that the hardware we have will provide those benefits.

Project 2: IT Upgrades
We are currently working with very old hardware, and are reaching out to various agencies that provide support in this area. This small project requires helping with that outreach and then managing the acquisition and onboarding of the kit.

Project 3: Accreditation
Our 2020 Q4 plan is to gain a small number of accreditations that require more clearly established IT practices, especially around security. Someone with experience in security and data practice accreditations would be ideal, but this is a great outcome for someone that is looking to show that they’ve developed their own programme.

Distance learning specialist

We’re currently in the process of adapting the way that we do training in our community in response to the current COVID situation, which makes in-person training either difficult or impossible. We require someone to help us develop our new training course procedures.

The immediate need for the role is to develop our distanced learning methodology, whereby we provide the material we have now online. Development of training material is less important, although we’d be happy if you had that experience and there is room to expand the scope.

This is an excellent role for somebody that is looking to showcase their capability in the creation of remote/distance learning programmes.

Data analyst/data scientist

We’re currently in the process of reassessing the scope and needs of our community. In order to do that, we need to update our data gathering and analytics practices. There are a variety of public data sources related to digital inclusion and social disparity that require analysis in order for us to establish the metrics that we will use to communicate needs and measure success to our stakeholders.

In addition to the publicly available data, we have a second effort to go out to the community and establish measures where we see gaps in the publicly available data, especially as it pertains to our local community.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone that would like to show expertise in designing and delivering a study in the areas of societal change, learning & development, skills gaps analysis, and enterprise resource planning.